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The History of Coffee

Coffee was first discovered growing wild in Ethiopia (East Africa) over 1,000 years ago. The Ethiopia Yirgacheffe we sell today is a close relative to those early trees. At first, coffee cherries were eaten with animal fat as food. Over time, people learned to roast, grind, brew and drink the coffee bean inside the cherry. Once coffee was enjoyed as a beverage, traders spread its cultivation and use around the world.

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Origin and History of Tea

According to Mondal (2007, p. 519): "Tea originated in southeast Asia, specifically around the intersection of latitude 29°N and longitude 98°E, the point of confluence of the lands of northeast India, north Burma, southwest China and Tibet. The plant was introduced to more than 52 countries, from this ‘centre of origin’."

Behind the scenes: Virtue and Moir
From: CTVOlympics | January 04, 2010

Go behind the scenes with figure skaters Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir for the making of their Vancouver 2010 Olympic vignettes.

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