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Cobalt 336 Bowrider-Cuddy Hybrid
2014 Base M.S.R.P. w/Twin V8-300C DP: $238,343

Fuel Capacity: 154 gal / 583 L
Height: 10'
LOA: 32' 10" / 10m
Max Capacity: Yacht

The new 336 will mean so much to so many, and each lucky owner will find exactly the boat of which she dreamed: sporty cruiser, massive bowrider, accommodating day boat, comfortable overnighter, performance sportboat, flat-out exhilarating machine. Each 336 owner will find the features uniquely his: the award winning Cobalt ride, the leathered luxury of the cabin, the handling of a Ferrari, layback ball-game room for a dozen buddies.

Cobalt 242
2014 Base M.S.R.P. w/Volvo Single V8-300C DP: $82,703

Fuel Capacity: 50 gal / 189 L
Height: 5'
LOA: 23' 11"
Max Capacity: 13 ppl

Genetics predispose, we suppose. In inborne attitudes that call for optimism, that support your sense of the possible. Much like your boat which, in the case of the Cobalt 242, means identifying characteristics almost fifty years in the making. Ride and performance and good looks that gather from all the expected Cobalt DNA.

Cobalt 210WSS
2014 Base M.S.R.P. w/MerCruiser Single 4.3 L MPI Alpha (non-cat): $60,663

Fuel Capacity: 40 gal / 151 L
Height: 8'
LOA: 22' 5" / 6.83 m
Max Capacity: 12 ppl / 1650 lbs

Presenting the Water Sports Series, an option package designed expressly for wakeboarders. And when fused with the intrinsic advantages of traditional Cobalt models, the wakeboarding value of a sterndrive is obvious: no need to add ballast to enlarge the wake when a simple adjustment of the drive trim easily does as much.

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