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CNN's Don Lemon responds to President Trump's attacks on the Justice Department, special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation and the FBI.
Former FBI Director James Comey slammed Republicans on Monday for not speaking out against President Donald Trump's attacks on the FBI and strongly defended the agency's conduct, following his second round of questioning at a closed-door congressional interview.
Last week the nation witnessed a courtroom spectacle that included the president's former personal lawyer and "fixer," Michael Cohen, groveling for mercy at a sentencing hearing while his daughter watched, a crutch at her side. Future historians might view the maudlin scene as the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency.
Special counsel Robert Mueller has released a January 2017 memo detailing the FBI's interview that month with Michael Flynn -- a moment that led to a high-profile criminal case against the former Trump national security adviser.
Special counsel Robert Mueller released a January 2017 memo detailing the FBI's interview that month with Michael Flynn. CNN's Chris Cuomo breaks down the memo.
Former Vice President Joe Biden is thinking about running for president, yet few seem to think he's the frontrunner for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.
Incoming White House acting-chief of staff Mick Mulvaney once said Donald Trump's past words and actions would disqualify him from becoming president in an "ordinary universe."
Critics rat on Trump for talking like a mob boss. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the President's tough guy lingo.
Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander announced Monday that he will not seek another term.
The Senate Intelligence Committee is set to release two reports on Monday detailing the breadth of the Russian social media campaign to sow discord in the United States.
Sitting in Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's office Monday evening, senior Senate Republicans had no answer to a basic question: What would President Donald Trump sign to avoid a partial government shutdown?
In an interview with CNN's Hala Gorani, actor Robert De Niro opens up about his feud with President Donald Trump.
'Saturday Night Live' has done it again -- offending the thin-skinned President Donald Trump. This time it appears the sketch that caused Trump to take a brief break from complaining about special counsel Robert Mueller was the comedy show's cold open -- a parody of the classic holiday film "It's a Wonderful Life" titled "It's a Wonderful Trump." Instead of a distraught George Bailey (played by Jimmy Stewart) being shown a world without him, SNL looks at an America where Trump was never president.
Two Chicago police officers were killed Monday after being struck by a metro train, authorities said.
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